Good habits for hair loss prevention and restoration

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  1. Shampoo at night.

The number of times you need to wash your hair can be different between individuals but if you wash your hair once a day it is recommended that you shampoo at night. The first reason is that the hair stem cell (keratinocyte) is most active at night. Providing optimal environment for hair growth helps improve hair loss.


  1. Shampoo every day.

It is natural to shed hair when you shampoo and brush your hair. Each hair has its own life cycle and at the end it falls out and the hair follicle begins producing new hair again. Healthy hair in their anagen phase (growth period) will not easily fall out even when you pull at it. Likewise,and no matter how careful you are, hairs in the telogen phase (resting period) will fall out soon or later. So, thereis no need to worry about washing your hair every day.


  1. Blow dry with cold air

When washing hair, rinse thoroughly with warm water to eliminate any residue of the shampoo. Then finish by rinsing with cold water. This will tighten the skin and the pores giving strength to hairs. It is recommended to use the cold setting on your blow dryer as well when drying your hair. There is an old saying: “if keep the head cool and keep the foot warm, you won’t need to see a doctor”. Dry your hair and scalp right after washing hair. Do not go to bed with wet hair. It will only create an optimal environment for bacterial growth.


  1. Sleep well.

Sleep at least 7 hours. The human body needs enough time to recover from tiredness and stress from the day. Hair loss is usually accelerated in people who lack sleep and it leads to hypo-functioning of the internal organs. It will slow down the overall metabolism and break the balance in your body.


  1. Exercise moderately.

Moderate exercise helps promote blood circulation and thereby supplies oxygen and essential nutrition throughout the body. However, do not forget that excessive and strenuous exercise can stress the body. The key is balance in moderation.


  1. Drink enough water

It is recommended to drink 2 liters of water per day. Our body loses water through different mechanisms during metabolism. We lose 0.6 L through exhaling and 0.5 L through skin by evaporation, and 1.4 L through urine and bowel movements, totaling in 2.5 L every day. However, only 1 L is replenished through food and body metabolisms which means the average adult should drink at least 1-2 L of additional water per day. When lacking water in the body, the viscosity of blood increases and slows down the circulation and narrows down the walls of blood vessels. You can improve the blood circulation by drinking enough water to balance the viscosity and thereby improving the function of your blood as well. The end result is better blood circulation leading to better oxygen supply and essential nutrition.



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